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The Importance of Follow through

No stroke in tennis is complete without a follow through. Here we take a look at some of the different follow-through’s that exist on the forehand ground stroke.

The follow through is an extremely significant element of the modern shot that provides:

  1. The completion of the rotation required for maximizing angular momentum 
  2.  A path for the racquet to follow 
  3. Appropriate acceleration through impact 
  4. Normal racquet head deceleration— this can help reduce arm injuries.

There are 4 types Follow-through FINISH in the Game of Tennis

1) Reverse Forehand (Vertical)- Finishing on the same side of the body over the hitting shoulder. Its mainly for the balls that are BELOW your strike zone, or when you are on the run.
This is also typical used
a) when player is unable to rotate the hips and legs.
b)Neutral or offensive shots off low balls. The player may impart both sidespin and/or topspin.

2) Elevated - Finishing over opposite shoulder.
a)Its mainly used when the ball is on an IDEAL hitting zone. Most commonly used in the Game of tennis
b) Drives when the ball is peaking or on the rise.

3)Inverted - Finishing around the opposite hip. Its mainly used for excessive topspin or Angle shot.

4) Horizontal - Finishing around chest height.
a) It mainly used to hit high bouncing balls .
b) Drives that require additional topspin

Click here as Rick Macci teaches the follow-through techniques of the modern forehand. He also demonstrates the different types of follow-throughs that can be used depending on whether the player is in a defensive, offensive or neutral position.